How It Works


With increased wait time for in-office visits, higher gas prices and reduced distribution of specialists throughout Virginia and Maryland, the founders of DermUtopia felt strongly that an innovative telehealth program was essential to improving the overall situation for patients in Virginia and Maryland. The reliable ClickMedix phone application and other associated live-interactive programs are used to perform anytime, anywhere consultations with a US board-certified dermatologist. Just by downloading the phone application, snapping a picture of a concerning area of skin and uploading all photographs and patient medical history to the secure ClickMedix application, residents from all over Virginia can have access to a qualified and experienced dermatologist. This hassle-free and user-friendly application allows patients to address skin problems easily on the patient’s schedule. Instead of losing time and money to the process of seeing a dermatologist in-person, more of the patient’s precious time can be dedicated to going about life normally without disruptions.

The 3 Steps Explained:

  1. Describe the Problem.
    • After registering and creating an account with ClickMedix, enter your medical history and start describing the problem.
  2. Upload Pictures.
    • Use the camera on your iphone or android phone to capture the concerning area of skin on the ClickMedix application. If using the website platform, take pictures of your skin problem with a digital camera and upload the picture to the secure website.
  3. Get Answers.
    • After completing the evaluation and submitting the consultation, a US board-certified DermUtopia dermatologist reviews your case and provides a response within 72 hours. If the treatment plan includes a suggested prescription, you can pick up the electronically prescribed medicine at your preferred pharmacy.

Tips for Taking Better Medical Pictures:

  • Use a white background, such as a piece of paper, table or wall
  • Choose a room with good lighting
  • Check that the lens on your phone or point-and-shoot digital camera is clean
  • Stay still when taking the photograph, or have someone else take the picture for you
  • Take more than one picture of the same area



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