Mission Statement

Teledermatology has been shown to be a successful way to bring dermatological consultations to patients in an efficient and effective manner. Many skin conditions benefit from early treatment and the ability for a doctor to see the condition when the symptoms are active and acute. DermUtopia was created to bring US-board certified dermatologists to you via a HIPAA-compliant, secure phone application. The ClickMedix phone application enables patients to submit personal information and photographs of a concerning area of skin as a virtual consultation for evaluation and examination by a qualified dermatologist. These electronic consultations can be used for all types of skin problems. After submitting the consultation, a DermUtopia dermatologist reviews and examines the patient history and images thoroughly and within 24 to 36 hours responds with a diagnosis and treatment plan. The outcome of each consultation can result in a variety of different paths for the patient. When a prescription is recommended, the DermUtopia dermatologists can electronically prescribe medicine for pick-up at the most convenient pharmacy for the patient. If further examination is required, the dermatologist may advise a live interactive consultation or suggest an in-person office visit at a local dermatologist.

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