About us

DermUtopia Co-founders: Christine Shanahan and Dr. Brenda Dintiman

DermUtopia co-founders Dr. Brenda Dintiman and Dr. Christine Shanahan

At DermUtopia™, we treat dermatology patients in our  Vienna, Virginia, offices, as well as virtually on our telehealth platform.

We believe in being

  • Patient centric, where you are the top priority. We want you to feel heard and well cared for.
  • Progressive, where you receive the latest in research-based dermatology – expertise, medicine and procedures.

Dr. Brenda Dintiman has more than 30 years of experience in medical dermatology and cosmetic treatments. She also has been a leader in using technology to diagnose and treat patients.

Why Choose DermUtopia™?

In addition to our patient-centric values and innovative approach

  • You have a choice! If you live near our offices, you can schedule an in-person visit. If not, you can schedule an online consultation via our telemedicine platform. Either way, you will receive top professional care from our U.S. board-certified dermatologists!
  • We do not overbook. We take the time you need to be heard and receive excellent care.
  • We look at the patient as a whole, considering additional factors, such as diet, that often correlate to dermatological conditions.
  • Our electronic medical record system (EZDERM) makes it easier and more efficient to fill out patient forms, check in and receive appointment reminders.
  • Upon request, we can use text communications for transparent messaging at your fingertips.
  • We offer PRO-NOX™™ for safe, fast pain control, when needed. This product has no lasting side effects and is available at no charge to you.
  • We offer transparent pricing for all medical services and will submit claims to non-participating insurance companies at no cost.
  • We offer ways to ensure patients receive prescription medications at an affordable price despite coverage denial, using Skin Medicinals and HairStim.

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