Meet Dr. Dintiman

Dr. Dintiman has more than 30 years of experience in medical dermatology and cosmetic procedures. She prides herself on treating patients as individuals, offering a caring environment and the latest in research-based, innovative medicine.

She listens to what a patient is hoping to achieve – whether a small change to a problem area, such as crow’s feet, or a larger plan for overall anti-aging treatment – and recommends only vetted procedures that get results. She likes to discuss with patients the best and safest ways to achieve aesthetic goals from their perspective, so they become the best versions of themselves through their eyes, not her own. Her philosophy is to enhance and preserve unique beauty and attractiveness, not detract from it.

“Dermatology requires listening to and understanding your patients, as well as being committed to clinical medicine and cosmetic treatment,” Dr. Dintiman notes. “I’ve always believed some things don’t go out of style: being on the cutting edge of knowledge and skill, advocating for medical and cosmetic advancements and – most important – giving patients of all ages a truly care-based experience.”

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Medical Dermatology

We treat a broad range of dermatologic conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes, as well as concerns about new growths and moles.

Cosmetic Dermatology

In addition to keeping your skin healthy, we offer a variety of cosmetic dermatology services to help you maintain a youthful appearance.

Online and Special Offers

An online consultation is only $89! Also, ask about our direct-pay model for an in-person visit. And, watch for seasonal specials on cosmetic treatments.

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Why Choose DermUtopia™?

In addition to our patient-centric values and innovative approach

  • You have a choice! If you live near our offices, you can schedule an in-person visit. If not, you can schedule an online consultation via our telemedicine platform. Either way, you will receive top professional care from our U.S. board-certified dermatologists!
  • We do not overbook. We take the time you need to be heard and receive excellent care.
  • We look at the patient as a whole, considering additional factors, such as diet, that often correlate to dermatological conditions.
  • Our electronic medical record system (EZDERM)makes it easier and more efficient to fill out patient forms, check in and receive appointment reminders.
  • Upon request, we can use text communications for transparent messaging at your fingertips.
  • We offer transparent pricing for all medical services and will submit claims to non-participating insurance companies at no cost.
  • We offer ways to ensure patients receive prescription medications at an affordable price despite coverage denial.

Our Procedures

Online Dermatology


DermUtopia provides 24/7 access via computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet. We treat a broad range of dermatology conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rashes as well as concerns about new growths and moles. Our user-friendly mobile app allows you to easily submit your case and complete an online visit with U.S. board-certified dermatologists online.

1. Register

Download the DermUtopia App and create an account. Once your account is created, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and a link to submit your case.

2. Upload photos and submit your case

3. Get Answers

A board certified DermUtopia dermatologist will review your case and respond within 72 hours. If the treatment plan includes a prescription, you can pick-up the prescribed medicine at your preferred pharmacy.

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Read our client testimonials below:

"Always nice to see Dr. Dintiman and staff! So knowledgeable, friendly & gentle with skin conditions. The best!"

Deborah S.

"nice, smart folks!"


“Friendly..professional…beautiful new offices; caring staff and nurses and Dr Dintiman is awesome!”


"High level of care."


“Dr. Dintiman is a great dermatologist! She takes time to get to know you and really listen and address concerns with straight forward and concise treatment plan. Her staff is friendly and helpful. Great office synergy.”


“Dr. Dintiman and her staff are both caring and knowledgeable. They ask lots of questions to make sure they are providing the best possible recommendations, and they have many solutions to offer. I have been to many dermatologists and never have had the same mix of supportiveness and expertise. Thank you!”


“I’ve been going to Dr. Dintiman for years!! She is a great dermatologist. She really listens to her patients and explains what’s needed and if you have options for treatment, explains them even-handedly.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Dintiman for adult acne for around 3 months now. Every single visit, the staff and Dr. Dintiman have been so kind and so helpful. It is very easy to reschedule appointments as well as request refills for my prescriptions. The staff here are always on top of everything and respond back to my emails really quick. I can see that Dr. Dintiman really cares about her patients, always asking how they think their skin is doing and how they feel about their skin. I have only been seeing Dr. Dintiman for a few months, but my skin has improved tremendously. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Dintiman for any skin issues.”


“I came in for the first time because I had developed some skin bumps on my right hand (from constantly washing my hands and not moisturizing enough). I called to make an appointment before I went back to school, and I was scheduled for the next day! The team was very welcoming and the practice is very well organized. With the prescribed topical steroid treatment, the bumps on my hand cleared up within a matter of days (the bumps had been present for weeks). Dr. Dintiman also gave me a variety of hand lotions to keep my hands moisturized from always washing my hands in these colder months during a pandemic.”


“Dr. Dintiman is so knowledgeable and caring. I've been a patient of hers for 8 years and can't imagine seeing anyone else. She and her staff are very attentive, professional and always make me feel comfortable during my appointments.”


“Dr. Dintiman has been my husband’s dermatologist for almost 20 years. She is particularly sensitive to his family history and is attentive to his concerns. She always makes the time to answer his questions and to provide firm but gentle advice. Dr. Dintiman is knowledgeable, kind, caring and really gets to know her patients. She is active in the medical community and stays current with developments in her field. This was particularly evidenced during the current covid pandemic. She is offering safe and sound options for patient treatment based on her scientific research of the virus. Highly recommend!”


"What a great practice! Everyone was so welcoming and knowledgable!"


The entire experience was excellent! Thank you"


"So great to see Dr. Dintiman!! She's such a great doctor."


"Dr. Dintiman and Emily are awesome! Make you feel comfortable and in safe hands and very professional!"


"An office visit never feels rushed. Not only are Dr. Dintiman and her techs knowledgeable and professional, but they are also kind. Much appreciated.""


"I downloaded DermUtopia to my phone and with a few clicks, I had a case submitted for a board-certified dermatologist to see me. Within less than 2 days, I got a response from Dr. Dintiman, with a diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as suggestions to improve my skin condition. The app is easy to use, very thorough in asking patient history, and allows you to take pictures of your skin condition so you don’t even need to leave your home (which was the best part in my opinion). Highly recommend for those who hate waiting in a room for hours or live far from your derm’s office! Convenience, convenience, convenience and Dr. D is super thorough (in fact, more so than when i have actually visited other dermatologists in their office). She’ll ask you what she needs to know to make sure you’re getting treated correctly."

Nicole B.

"I woke up, out of town, with swollen and itchy eyes. This app was recommended to me so I downloaded it and found the steps easy to follow. I completed the questionnaire and sent 3 pictures of my face."

Dan C.

"This app was very easy to use and took no time at all to answer the questions and send pics. I used this app to successfully treat a nail fungus that I was unable to get rid of previously. I had tried multiple over the counter meds as well as prescription meds through another derm with no luck and it was always a hassle to get an appt. This was SO much more convenient and simple! Very straightforward treatment and messages from Dr. Dintman. The messages can also be sent to your email address, which was helpful. Will use again!"

L. S.

"When a physician is the best they are quite simply ARE THE best! Dr. Dintiman is the best, a 5-star dermatologist!"

M Sher

"Great experience. I used Dr. Dintiman's online service, DermUtopia, and the process was quick and easy."

Austin H

"I used this app because I had a question about a mole and I struggle to find the time to go see a doctor unless absolutely necessary. It was really easy to sign up and go through the steps for submission!"


"This app is awesome! It's great for when you need skin care help and can't wait to get in, in person with a doctor. It's so easy - you simply enter your information/upload pictures and you get the help you need without a long wait."


"This app was very easy to use and took no time at all to answer the questions and send pics. I used this app to successfully treat a nail fungus that I was unable to get rid of previously. I had tried multiple over the counter meds as well as prescription meds through another derm with no luck and it was always a hassle to get an appt. This was SO much more convenient and simple! Very straightforward treatment and messages from Dr. Dintman. The messages can also be sent to your email address, which was helpful. Will use again!"


"I had a terrible rash and no time to go to the derm because I was on business travel. The push notifications made it easy for me to see that my case had been submitted and looked at! I had an answer and meds sent to the pharmacy within 6 hours! The doctor also sent me a message to see if I was getting better. Definitely give this a try! Beats going to the ER or waiting weeks for an appointment."


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