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Consult a dermatologist on your schedule, using your device. DermUtopia™ is an online dermatology clinic, giving patients convenient, secure and around-the-clock access to U.S. board-certified dermatologists via computer, smartphone, iPad or tablet.

DermUtopia App

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Download the App and Create an Account


Complete a short but thorough intake on skin and general health, upload photos, and pay visit fee


Get a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

*If a prescription is recommended, it will be sent directly to your pharmacy.

It’s that simple!

DermUtopia app
DermUtopia App

Need help now? We’ve got you covered!

Our secure app lets you consult the dermatologist on your schedule, using your device, no matter where you are. Just download the DermUtopia™ app, submit your case – day or night – and get answers from the doctor within 72 hours.

*DermUtopia app consultations start at just $89 per visit.

How it Works

Watch the video to learn more about getting board-certified dermatology care when you need it, with the DermUtopia™ app.

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After creating your account, simply upload your photographs and medical history to the secure DermUtopia™ app to start your consultation with a qualified and experienced dermatologist. This hassle-free and user-friendly application allows you to address skin problems online, on your schedule.

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Get started with DermUtopia™ today.

Hear from our Patients

Read our client testimonials to learn how DermUtopia™ has helped patients get care when they need it, right from their phone.

“This app is awesome! It’s great for when you need skin care help and can’t wait to get in, in person with a doctor. It’s so easy – you simply enter your information/upload pictures and you get the help you need without a long wait.”

“This app was very easy to use and took no time at all to answer the questions and send pics. I used this app to successfully treat a nail fungus that I was unable to get rid of previously. I had tried multiple over the counter meds as well as prescription meds through another derm with no luck and it was always a hassle to get an appt. This was SO much more convenient and simple! Very straightforward treatment and messages from Dr. Dintman. The messages can also be sent to your email address, which was helpful. Will use again!”

“I had a terrible rash and no time to go to the derm because I was on business travel. The push notifications made it easy for me to see that my case had been submitted and looked at! I had an answer and meds sent to the pharmacy within 6 hours! The doctor also sent me a message to see if I was getting better. Definitely give this a try! Beats going to the ER or waiting weeks for an appointment.”


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