Bacterial Folliculitis: How to Handle It

Bacterial folliculitis is an inflammation of hair follicles due to infection. It most commonly affects young adult males and those who frequently sweat due to working out or being outdoors. Bacterial folliculitis is most likely to be found on the scalp line, beard area, buttocks, groin area, and extremities. Its appearance is similar to acne or boils with redness and irritation. (Durdu & Ilkit, 2013)

Folliculitis illustration showing normal vs. inflamed hair follicle  

How Do I Treat Folliculitis?

Our practice likes to use a combination of CLN wash and prescription clindamycin gel to rebalance the flora of the skin where bacterial imbalances are present. CLN wash is a gentle antibacterial wash that is safe for skin while the clindamycin gel is a prescription antibacterial topical.  Additionally, patients should try to keep skin clean and well moisturized, and minimize shaving and waxing if possible.


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