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Kelly Ripa, host of “Live With Kelly and Ryan”, took to Instagram to give viewers a much needed laugh during this Covid-19 scare. In her Instagram stories, she was seen with Dr. Robert Anolik.

Dr. Anolik jokingly told the camera that he wanted to discuss a “very serious medical problem”. Ripa replied “yes, there is a very serious medical problem going around right now.”

Botox Deficiency

Instead of diving into a discussion about the coronavirus, Anolik cheerfully followed up with “Botox deficiency. A lot of side effects. Lines, wrinkles.” Then Ripa joked that Anolik was afraid to touch her due to the COVID-19 virus. He replies “That’s true! I’m standing back! I’m following the CDC rules.”

Botox Vienna

Ripa clarified that “these are great CDC rules and I appreciate them. Having said that, in this time we can notice that there’s been a lot of worrying. You can see its written all over my face, but Dr. Anolik decided to be brave today and come into work…to treat my acute Botox deficiency syndrome.”

The video clips that followed shows Ripa post-injection. She asks Anolik “is there any Botox left for anyone else, doctor?” This reference was aimed at the current lack of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other household items. He jokingly replies that “we used it all up. Hopefully there won’t be a shortage.”

Still Filming

Live with Kelly and Ryan” is still taping, although without an audience. Some morning and late-night talk shows have had to suspend production during this outbreak.

No Botox Shortage Here

While the videos were lighthearted and undoubtedly enjoyed by many, we recognize that the Covid-19 is a legitimate issue. We understand that people are worried, and we do recommend following the CDC’s guidelines.

However, there is no shortage of Botox in Vienna and we are still able to take care of all of those worry-lines, wrinkles, and crows feet. We also offer Kybella, PRP, chemical peels,  dermal fillers and more.

Botox in Vienna at DermUtopia

This is a very uncertain time. However, you can still practice self-care. Take time to relax and take care of yourself. If you are interested in Botox treatment, please contact DermUtopia today!