Summer Sun Safety

What You Need To Know About Preventing Sun Damage This Summer

Stay out of the sun and wear your sunscreen. It's truly the best thing you can do for your skin.

No tan is a “safe” tan unless it comes out of a bottle.

During the long, beautiful days of summer, it’s vital to make sure your skin is being protected from harmful UV radiation. The single biggest risk factor for skin cancer later in life is intense, brief periods of sun exposure- such as during a day on the beach or a tropical vacation. Fortunately, there are easy ways to prevent this damage:

  • Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, even when you are not planning on spending a lot of time outside. A good mineral sunscreen such as this one is easy to apply and doesn’t irritate your eyes or skin the way chemical sunscreens do. It’s also ocean safe.
  • Spend time in the shade whenever possible. This has the added benefit of helping you keep cool in the intense summer heat. The sun is strongest between 10AM-4PM here in the US, so it’s best to limit your sun exposure as much as possible during these hours.
  • Look for clothes, hats, beach wear and umbrellas with UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). This fabric is better at filtering out the sun’s rays and protecting your skin than your average cotton or polyester, and it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • Remember to re-apply sunscreen every two hours while you’re out and about. Friction from clothes, water, and sweat all cause the sunscreen to rub off over time, so re-applying it is just as important as putting it on in the first place.