Bruise & Scar Therapy Hacks

Bruise & Scar Therapy Hacks

If you have noticed that you bruise easily and frequently, consider trying Skintensive Bruise & Scar Cream. This cream was formulated by Harvard-trained dermatologists to use for the prevention and treatment of bruises. The cream contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and arnica to heal and fortify easily bruised skin.

Below is the button link to the Skintensive Bruise & Scar cream website.

Skintensive Bruise & Scar Cream 

You can also purchase Skintensive Bruise & Scar Cream during your office visits with DermUtopia!

Another Bruise & Scar Therapy Hack is Strataderm Scar Gel Therapy. This silicone gel helps to heal, and reduce pain and irritation as scars are healing. This gel is transparent, odorless, and water resistant.

Strataderm Scar Therapy Gel 


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