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It can be difficult to get an appointment with a dermatologist when it is most needed. Teledermatology can help you get your skin problem evaluated promptly and professionally.

There is are both iPhone and Android Apps that will allow you to get a virtual consult from a board-certified dermatologist in a prompt manner.

DermUtopia – an online dermatology clinic, was founded on the premise that access to dermatological care, including online acne treatments, should be available anytime and anywhere. Expanding on this concept, DermUtopia co has the following mission:

  • To extend medical care by US board-certified dermatologists to all people with skin conditions
  • To protect the privacy of patients during online dermatology consultations with a secure HIPAA compliant phone application
  • To reduce wait time for consultation with an online dermatologist
  • To provide care to patients in under-served areas where there is a shortage of dermatologists
  • To support primary care and pediatric physicians
  • To collect data that supports the cost-, time- and travel time-saving aspects of teledermatology (online dermatology consultations)
  • To offer accurate information and diagnoses that avoid unnecessary medications and procedures
  • To aid in the early diagnosis of potentially life-threatening conditions, such as melanoma
  • To perform early treatment of conditions that can benefit greatly from early intervention, such as infections and drug rashes.

DermUtopia is currently available in Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Hawaii. Its services are covered by most health plans in these states.   To get started with a DermUtopia consultation, click on this link.

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