Telemedicine allows you to visit the dermatologist quickly and for a relatively low cost. You can have a doctor review your skin condition without leaving your home. Simply submit a list of your symptoms and photos of the affected area through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. In most cases, you’ll hear back with a treatment plan within a few days.

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Telemedicine?

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DermUtopia is another option for residents of Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia. For a cost of $69, you can describe your skin problem, upload a photo, and receive a consultation from a board-certified dermatologist within three days.

You can access the service from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. There are apps for iPhone and Android that you can use to submit your condition. The service does not accept insurance, but you may be able to use your health savings account or flexible spending account.

Dermatology Care Made Easy

Receiving high-quality, professional medical care has never been easier. Thanks to telemedicine, you can receive answers quickly about your skin conditions from board-certified dermatologists. Before you begin the cumbersome process of scheduling an appointment with your local dermatologist, consider using DermUtopia.