Get Rid of Your Brown Spots

Get Rid of Your Brown Spots 

What causes brown spots to appear & how do we treat them? Get rid of your brown spots with DermUtopia. 

Seborrheic keratoses (SKs) are common, brown growths that occur on the skin as we age. SKs are harmless and typically run in families, but many people are concerned about the appearance of them on the skin. SKs can also become itchy or irritating depending on where they are and how large they get. Our practice can remove SKs by using liquid nitrogen or electrocautery. Both of these methods are fast, minimally painful, and have little to no downtime.



Another common cause of brown spots is sun damage. We get sun damage from long walks in the sun, sun bathing on the beach, driving in the car, and more.


There are a variety of ways to treat brown spots from sun damage:

  • Liquid nitrogen (for sun damage spots that are considered “precancerous”)
  • Topical lightening treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

Click here for more information on Chemical Peels.

Click here for more information on IPL.


Wearing a tinted mineral sunscreen is important for preventing sun damage and brown spots on the skin.

Click here for Alastin Hydratint Sunscreen.

Click here for Tizo Tinted Sunscreen.


Because both sun damage spots and SKs are more common as we age, removal of these spots can give the skin a youthful glow. 

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