Summer Sun Protection Tips

During the long, bright days of summer, it is easy to wind up with a nasty sunburn while you are enjoying a beach vacation or the pleasant weather at the pool. Even a series of mild sunburns over time can lead to damaged, less elastic skin and an increased risk of skin cancer. Here are some tips to make summer sun protection less of a hassle:

  1. Look for a (tinted) mineral sunscreen: Picking a sunscreen with the right ingredients is more important than finding one with the highest SPF. Mineral-based sunscreens are safer for your skin and for the environment, and they do not have the smell or eye-stinging burn that some chemical sunscreens cause. A tint in mineral sunscreen helps it blend in better with your skin tone, instead of causing an ashy cast. We love the Hydratint sunscreen from Alastin.
  2. Reapply based on wear, not on timing: Activities like swimming, sweating, and exercising will cause your sunscreen to wear off faster. Areas that clothing rubs against will also be more vulnerable to the sun. Be sure to re-apply as often as every two hours, if needed.
  3. Wear clothes with UPF: Some clothes offer more sun protection than others. Many swimsuits and sports clothes now list a UPF, or UV Protection Factor, as a handy guide to how much UV light they can filter. Covering up with UV-protective fabric is a great way to protect your skin while cutting down on the amount of sunscreen you need to apply! Here is one UPF clothing brand.
  4. Protect your scalp: Even with a full head of hair, it is possible to get burns and skin cancers on your scalp with intense sun exposure, especially around your natural part. A brimmed hat is a quick and easy way to protect your head, but there are also sunscreens specifically designed to protect your hair! These can be applied or sprayed on easily without affecting your hairstyle, and they can also help preserve the color of dyed hair.
  5. Stay in the shade in the afternoons: The sun is typically most intense between 10 and 2 in the afternoon. Keeping indoors and under shade during this time of day will naturally protect you from sun exposure, and it will also help you stay cool and comfortable in the summer heat.

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