Vitamin D And Your Skin

Want better skin? It starts from within!

Vitamin D infographic- this vitamin is essential to skin health!

Vitamin D is one of the first labs we check when someone comes into our office with a new dermatological issue. Here’s why:

  • Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium and phosphorus, which in turn help us build healthy new cells. Without enough vitamin D, the natural regeneration of cells in your hair, nails and skin slows down and can become disorganized.
  • Vitamin D deficiency is very common in the United States. 42% of adults are deficient.
  • Extremely low levels of vitamin D are implicated in skin rashes and hair loss.
  • Although our bodies naturally produce vitamin D while out in the sun, people who are older or have darker skin may not generate enough from sunlight alone.

Fortunately, vitamin D deficiency is a simple condition to treat and manage. You can increase your levels by taking supplements or by incorporating more meat, eggs, or enriched foods like milk into your diet. We recommend using vitamin D3 daily or taking a supplement like Innerglow, which is especially formulated for skin health.

If you have concerns about your skin, hair or nails and want a personal assessment and care plan, book an appointment with Dr. Dintiman today!