Dr. Dintiman has been practicing dermatology for over 16 years. Inspired by family members, many of whom are in the medical field, she had the opportunity to test her mettle as a schoolgirl in everything from her aunt’s dental practice to spending hours with her uncle, a radiologist, talking about medicine. She grew to love the field from reading x-rays to honing her bedside manner.

Her experiences in dermatology in Oahu, Hawaii following her internship in internal medicine was an inspiration. “I worked with Dr. Doug Johnson—who has been a mentor for over 20 years. We took care of all the usual dermatology patients and over 90 leprosy patients (now called Hansen’s disease),” says Dintiman. “Another doctor in Kauaii, Dave Elpern, encouraged me to write up papers and cases and even run a dermatology continuing education meeting for doctors that year.” And from there, a career was born.

Since her early days in medicine, to her founding of The Fair Oaks Skin Care Center, Dr. Dintiman remains committed to her practice and to her medical art. “We feel here at Fair Oaks that we learn from our patients. Every day I spend time talking online to colleagues who live in the U.S. and internationally and share ideas and get suggestions on treatments for our patients,” Dintiman says. “This is what makes our practice unique. You have an instant second and third opinion with three doctors in the practice who often share their ideas and concerns about a patient. Then we request help internationally to give the best treatment. My colleagues and I share the belief that medicine is still an art.”

Special Interests:
Skin cancer prevention, and surgery, laser treatment for rosacea, cosmetic treatment of wrinkles with fillers and botox, Fraxel laser for wrinkles, teenage acne, anti-aging treatments.

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