5 Skin Glow Hacks for Summer

5 Ways to Get Glowing Summer Skin

Infographic: How to get glowing skin.

Now that summer is here, you might be wondering how to (safely) get your glow on.

Dewy, healthy skin is a look that never gets old, but the intense sunlight this time of year can actually prematurely damage and dry out your skin! Instead of laying out, try these five tricks for beautiful skin:

  1. Fast and Easy Self-Tanners: You don’t need to risk UV damage or fuss with finicky lotions in order to get a deep, even tan. Pick a self tanner mist or mousse for fast and clean application and gorgeous results.
  2. Facile Reverse Serum: Undo damage and reveal brighter, smoother skin with this gentle retinol + ceramide serum. 
  3. Virtue RF Microneedling: For a deeper treatment with big results, schedule an RF microneedling session with us. This procedure regenerates collagen and elastin beneath the surface of the skin with minimal downtime (just one night!) and no increase in sun sensitivity.
  4. Tinted Mineral Sunscreen: Toss those old chemical sunscreens that sting your eyes the second you start to sweat. A mineral sunscreen offers comfortable, clean, ocean-safe protection, and its light tint keeps you from looking white or streaky. This one from Tizo is easy to apply and has additional antioxidants to boost skin health.
  5. Hydration is Key: Make sure your skin is supported from within! Keep a water bottle on you, like this durable and adorable one, and drink whenever you feel thirsty to avoid getting dehydrated in the heat.