Can you get a skin allergy from Vaping?

Vaping or the use of e-cigarettes has been touted as “safer” than smoking cigarettes. Yet, is this really true? With respect to skin allergies, hives and itching, there may be more to be studied.  Many of the liquids used for vaping containe propylene glycol, a known skin allergen. In addition, many contain fruit and spice flavorings such as strawberry, mint and berry extracts that are know irritants on the skin and possibly can also produce hives and a systemic reaction. If you already know that you are allergic to berries, then vaping an extract with berries could produce a systemic allergic response in your lungs and trigger a skin allergy.

We have also seen patients who get a rash on their neck or perioral dermatitis presumably from the chemicals and flavorings coming in contact with their chin and neck producing an itchy rash and bumps around the mouth.

Further studies need to be done about the true safety of e-cigarettes. Although many harmful tars are removed there is still nicotine being inhaled as well as many more substances including flavorings, fragrances and preservatives that have not been previously isolated and studied in patients using them to this extent.

If you develop, itching and irritation after vaping. Check to see if it is propylene glycol based or vegetable based.

Even vegetable based could be a problem in some people since we know that people can be allergic to fruits such as mangos, strawberries, kiwi,etc as well as coconut, hazelnut and other plant extracts.


If you develop a skin allergy and it persists, visit a board certified dermatologist at Fair Oaks Skin Care Center or visit for an online skin consultation with a board certified dermatologist.


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