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DermUtopia Tip Tuesday: Halloween

Trick-or-treat! With DermUtopia, it's always a treat for your skin! We wish you a Happy Halloween! Don't forget to download our app to help you with any post-candy flare-ups or heavy makeup breakouts! 🎃🍭🍫   Download the app: iPhone • Android Click. Consult. Treat. It’s really that easy!...

Can you get a skin allergy from Vaping?

Vaping or the use of e-cigarettes has been touted as “safer” than smoking cigarettes. Yet, is this really true? With respect to skin allergies, hives and itching, there may be more to be studied.  Many of the liquids used for vaping containe propylene glycol, a known skin allergen. In addition, many contain fruit and spice flavorings such as strawberry, mint and berry extracts that are know irritants on the skin and possibly can also produce hives and a systemic reaction. If you already know that you are allergic to berries, then vaping an extract with berries could produce a systemic allergic response in your lungs and trigger a skin allergy.

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