Online Dermatologist | What You Should Know

Are you struggling with a rash or skin issue? Does your schedule make it hard to visit the dermatologist? You can now see a dermatologist online!

Yes, really. Instead of waiting weeks for an appointment, driving to the office, waiting in the lobby and filling out numerous forms, you can simply download an app.

Online Dermatologist App

You have probably heard of online consultations, since they have become very popular. However, it’s not just for general practitioners. There are several apps that offer a consultation with your dermatologist using your camera phone. So, you can get answers from the comfort of your home, at a time that is convenient for you.

online dermatologistWhile there are several apps available for both Android and iOS, including First Derm, SkyMD, and Spruce, we have our own app. You can download the DermUtopia app and get started today.

The Process

First you download the app and create an account. Next, you need to snap pictures of the area in question. We suggest using a white background like paper, or a wall, to help you get the best photos.

It’s also important to use a room with good lighting. Next, you will upload your photos and give a description of the symptoms. Then you just have to pay the fee and wait. It’s really that simple.


The time to receive your results will vary. However, you can typically choose to pay more for a faster review. Once the online dermatologist reviews your case, you will receive a message.

This will include the dermatologist’s diagnosis and recommended treatment. This could be as simple as an over the counter steroid cream.

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So, instead of waiting weeks for an appointment, taking time off work to drive to the dermatologist office and wait for an exam, then sitting in a pharmacy to wait for a prescription, you can complete the entire thing in less than 10 minutes. Sounds pretty good, right?

Online Dermatologist

If you need to see a dermatologist but don’t want the hassle that comes with an in-office visit, try an online dermatologist. You can download the DermUtopia app and get your exam on your own time. If you have any questions, please contact us today!